Employee Benefits

Alternatively Funded
Medical Programs

For many companies an alternative method of health plan funding would provide similar risk to a fully funded medical plan with the added benefits of lower medical insurance costs and increased control over the benefits provided to the employees and their dependents.

Employers with as few as 10 employees are candidates for an alternatively funded medical program.

Medical Bill Auditing

Over 80% of medical bills contain errors, and due to the inefficiencies within the healthcare system, these errors go largely undetected.  Current methodologies lack the potent technology, physician review, and analytics to have a material impact on your bottom line.  We utilize a physician led, technology driven bill review service to ensure that only valid claims are paid, and inappropriate and/or excessive charges are exposed and eliminated.

Reference Based Pricing

Our Reference Based Reimbursement pricing solution provides a health plan reimbursement methodology based on the fair market value of the services rendered, optimizing every health care dollar spent. The result is a fair, transparent, defensible and an ultimately sustainable solution.  A RBR program dramatically reduces health plan medical spending and improves operating margins, while also helping to decrease employee/member out of pocket costs.

Pharmacy Benefit Management

Helping clients maximize the value of their pharmacy benefits while enjoying a significant increase in services and cost savings

Groups can save an average of 10%-20% on their annual pharmacy program costs with minimal disruption


Employee Benefit Group Captives

An employee benefit group captive allows employers to jointly form and manage their own insurance “entity” so they can reduce costs and increase control over their employee benefit program.  We have access to a number of industry specific and homogeneous captives that offer our client an opportunity to pool their risk and reap the rewards of larger organizations.

Fully Insured Medical Programs

For employers who are unable to move forward with an Alternatively Funded plan we can still provide creative solutions.  Utilizing Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Health Savings Accounts, High Deductible Health Plans, and/or Medical GAP programs we can find innovative changes within a fully insured program that can reduce cost and maintain the benefits that your employee’s value.

Ancillary Benefit Programs

Employer Paid or Voluntary Programs

  • Group Dental
  • Group Vision
  • Group Term Life
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Group Accident Insurance

Supplemental Health Benefits –

  • Critical Illness
  • Medical Gap Insurance
  • Cancer
  • Telemedicine

ACA Guidance and Consulting

Our expertise can help your company navigate through the ever-changing regulatory environment.  We work hard to provide you with the information and tools needed to better understand the changes and to communicate what you need to know moving forward

Human Capital Management

We work with our mid-market employers to help them select, implement, and manage HCM systems that provide value to employees and the employer.  We can help bring together all five of the major components of HCM – talent management, human resource management, benefits administration, time and attendance and payroll – in a single solution. 

Employee Engagement

We can help you upgrade your benefit communications into rich learning environments that engage and activate your employees.  To be effective we believe in an approach of ongoing engagement throughout the year, not just at enrollment time.

Client Resource Center

Our online portal that delivers vital content from the premier online HR library featuring the most current federal and state laws and updates plus step-by-step guidelines for compliance.

HR Help Desk

Get the tough questions answered quickly and stay in compliance. Our experienced staff will work quickly and diligently to get your answer so you can do what you do best…manage your human resources department.

Law Alerts

Stay on top of your organization’s compliance with employment and benefit law alerts powered by Proskauer Rose LLP (Proskauer), an international law firm providing a wide variety of legal services to clients worldwide.

Compliance Guide

The HR & Benefits Compliance Guide and the supporting documents are provided by Proskauer Rose LLP (Proskauer), an international law firm providing a wide variety of legal services to clients worldwide.

Compliance dashboard

Many employers simply do not have the time to keep up with their changing compliance obligations. As a web-based tool, Compliancedashboard is the perfect solution for this fast-paced environment.



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